About Us
CreatorsVault.com provides writers and creators online Intellectual Property Registration for copyright protection with archival and proof-of-creation for all forms of written and creative works. Almost all creative works begin with a great idea that is then developed and placed in a tangible medium to enable copyright registration and protection.
We believe in the protection of authorship, and work to promote the integrity of the marketing process within the entertainment, publishing and other industries. Writers and creators may submit registration for written materials, designs, and other forms. Registrants will receive certification of receipt and a “CV Number” to display when exposing creative works to others. Archival protection and proof-of-creation is provided for a term of 12, 8 or 4 years per project. Registration can be used as evidence with a court or arbitration panel should a case of infringement occur.
Writers & Creators … Before you expose your Written and Creative Works to the marketplace, get Copyright Registration Protection and Proof-of-Creation by registering at CreatorsVault.com 
If you have any questions regarding our services, or need to inquire regarding a specific piece of archived material, please contact us.