As has been previously noted, has pointed to three key steps for screenwriters to be successful by following this sequence;  CREATE – PROTECT – MARKET

  1. CREATE – Almost all creative projects begin with a Great Idea. Whether your Idea is a screenplay, book/novel, music, or another tangible medium, creation of your project relies on your inherent and developed skills. An important factor will be your intent to continually improve and enhance the skills of your craft. There is an array of sources available via education, blogs, and websites that offer tips, suggestions and guidance to assist improvement of your writing and creative skills. A good example to consider is at consultation, e-books, e-courses and more.
  2. PROTECT– After your creative project is completed, it is crucial that you secure IP Registration for copyright protection before you expose the project to others or begin the marketing process. You can accomplish IP Registration at which establishes date/time and secure archival of your project for a selected period of time. This is important and can be used as evidence in a court or with an arbitration panel if a case of infringement occurs.
  3. MARKET– Once your creative project is protected, you are free to pursue a myriad of marketing methods (industry networking, utilizing online marketing resources, and participation in screenwriting competitions). We highly recommend our Affiliates and Promotional Partners; (formerly is an online marketplace with more than 300 entertainment industry executives and companies use this venue to source new projects.


Screenwriting Competitions

A current list of the best screenwriting competitions for 2018 is provided by The Script Lab highlights the competitions that are part of our 2018 cross-promotion, support and sponsorship program. See our Resources Page

We always encourage screenwriters to participate in as many screenwriting contests as possible since these provide an excellent way to enhance marketing and awareness of their creative projects. We plan continue to grow our promotion, support and sponsorships in the future.

  • NYISA Awards
  • Scriptapalooza Screenplay & Shorts Competition

Intellectual Property Registry

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