has always emphasized to “Protect Before You Expose Your Creative Projects in The Marketplace”. As noted previously, this is accomplished by Registration for Copyright Protection at, U.S. Copyright Office, WGA or other valid agencies. All of these Copyright Registrations can be used as evidence in a legal proceeding (Court Case, Arbitration Panel, etc.).

To address the process of “Choosing The Best Copyright Provider”, Creators Vault provides a New Webpage at which details all the basic elements and important factors to guide your decisions. Don’t be a creature of habit; use current factors that have been rated to compile an overall weighted average. The overall rated results can be summarized by the following chart –

For reference, you can also review two specific articles in Creators Vault “Topics of Interest” namely;

  1. “How To Choose the Best Copyright Provider” – Source at
  2. “Copyright Protection … What’s the Difference” – Source at

The bottom-line conclusions indicate that provides the Best Overall rating compared to WGA and U.S. Copyright Office. IP Registrations can be accomplished online at Since 2006, we have provided BETTER VALUE & MORE OPTIONS in terms of Rates and Term, New Drafts and Renewals at a Discount, and more. Be sure to Protect via Copyright Registration !

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