The 2020 Screenwriting Competitions are underway…and as discussed before “participation in these contests is one of the most proactive ways to expand the market for your creative projects.” It is very beneficial for you to enter Screenwriting Competitions often.

Creators Vault’s primary reason for supporting and sponsoring Screenwriting Competitions is to help participants move their projects forward through our support of the host organizations and sponsor awards to a range of winners. There are many choices available to screenwriters and we encourage you to participate in as many as possible. Several good sources for highly recommended competitions are (, (, and (, and many others. Make the choices that best suit your needs.

At this writing, we would like to highlight the current Screenwriting Competitions that Creators Vault supports and sponsors in 2020

NYISA New York International Screenplay Awards has been founded to bring together screenwriters (amateur or professional) from all around the world who aspire to connect with US producers and explore new markets. All through the years, NYISA has received submissions from more than twenty countries, and the winners have had the chance to promote themselves and their scripts to producers in the US. NYISAs jury members are mostly New York Producers, Script Doctors and Filmmakers; so, from the first moment they submit, their scripts are being read by industry professionals. NYISA also provides a workshop “How To Write An Award-Winning Screenplay”, Script Doctoring Services and Screenwriting Courses to everyone who wants to improve their writing skills or scripts. Source at

Scriptapalooza Screenplay & Shorts Competition  “Discovering and Promoting Writers since 1998”, this is our 21st year. From choosing our judges to creating opportunities, our top priority has always been the Writer. We surround ourselves with reputable and successful companies, including the many producers, literary agents and managers who read your scripts. Our past Winners have won Emmy’s, been signed by agents and managers, had theirs scripts optioned, and even made into movies. But the most important prize of all is this: Scriptapalooza will promote and pitch all the semi-finalists and higher for a full year. No other competition in the world does that! Sources at incorporates these organizations as part of our Support & Sponsorship Program and are referenced on our website Resources Page We are constantly looking to expand our support to benefit screenwriters. Continue to strive for success by Creating – Protecting – Marketing your projects.

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