Step by Step | Copyright Registration & Marketing

As previously communicated, is the digital copyright registration archival system providing Writers and Creators third party time-archived proof-of-creation and protection for their written materials and other intellectual properties preparing for market. This should be the first step before exposing your work to others.
The Creative process begins with a great idea that is transformed into a tangible medium (script, treatment, book/novel, music lyrics or composition, etc.). Once you work diligently to complete your project, the following steps can lead you to success:
      It is simple and easy:
        • Select your term of protection (4 yrs., 8 yrs., 12 yrs.)
        • Upload/Attach your document to the Registration Form
        • Agree to Terms
        • Submit Materials to Creators Vault (date/time is set by this submission)
        • Complete the process by clicking the “Buy Now” button, and proceed to the payment step using either debit/credit card or PayPal account.
        • Upon confirmation from the merchant provider that the payment has been made, Creators Vault will complete the processing of your Copyright Registration into the secure data-base archive. We then forward a copy of your CV Certificate and personal Account Login for your My Archive (for future new projects, new drafts of original, or extension/renewals).
        • Add the CV Certificate number to your document, and/or use the copyright symbol ©.
Complete the basic information on the Registration Form
  • Proceed to Market Your Project Creation by utilizing online venues such as or and supplement by submitting to the many Writers Contests available to enhance and increase exposure.
If you never give up, continue to learn how to be creative, and keep a positive perspective; good things will come your way.