has previously noted that “almost all creative works begin with a great idea”. Of course, the Creative Process begins with a great idea that is transformed into a tangible medium (script, treatment, book/novel, music lyrics/composition, or other creative form).

Your own creative process incorporates your developed talents, supplemented by learned methods, and driven by a persistent effort to succeed. So many assume this process is complex and difficult, but there are real examples of simplicity and success. To illustrate, we refer to a NATPEWord article contributed by Scott Manville on March 20, 2017 titled “Game Show Fundamentals”. Scott related this insight –

“Merv Griffin delivered two of the most successful game shows in history; Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy. The inspiration for each of those hits came from an organic experience… A real-world proof of concept, if you will. Merv had four newspapers delivered to him every morning just so he could dive into four different crossword puzzles, completing them to perfection before breakfast. That was his inspiration for Wheel of Fortune. The Quiz Show scandals of the ‘50’s was the inspiration for Jeopardy. However, if you thought he created the concept for Jeopardy, you would be wrong (cue annoying buzzer, and big red X). On a flight back from New York discussing the quiz scandals with his then wife Julann, she asked him “What if we just went ahead and gave them the answer, and they had to guess the question?”. Back and forth they played the simple yet stimulating game for the rest of the flight. Within days they sold the idea to CBS in the room.”

Yes, you may think this example is extreme; but the real point is that Great Ideas can come from Simple Ideas. No matter whether your ideas are simple or complex, success is possible!

If you never give up, continue to learn how to be creative, and keep a positive perspective – good things will come your way.
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