The process for selecting the best copyright registration provider should be more than just habit. Creators Vault has taken the time to sort and analyze the Key Elements and Important Factors to make your selection decision a more informed and educated choice. The following information provides the conclusions and results:

Copyright Providers Compared …

The Key Elements include Basic Rates, Term Periods, New Drafts, and Renewals. The Other Important Factors include Intermediaries Use, New Drafts Availability, Renewal Options, Reduced Rates, Registration Confirmation Time, and Registration Files Release. Each of these have been analyzed and ranked on a scale of 0 to 5; then compiled into an overall weighted average.

With this information, you have the criteria to make the best decision in choosing a copyright registration provider that suits your needs and priorities. The sub-elements and important factors detail can be reviewed individually to identify those that best fit your preference. The combined total of all these provides the overall averages shown in the charts. For further detail, refer to our article “How To Choose The Best Copyright Provider” that can be sourced at

Climb to Success …

As you journey on your path toward Success, the principal stages of CREATE, PROTECT & MARKET remain the core of your progress to achieve your objectives.

The Protection step is very important before you expose your creative projects to the market place. It acts like an insurance policy, and can be used as evidence in a court proceeding. The information provided by these Comparisons will help you choose wisely. is the IP Registration for Copyright Protection that reflects the best overall provider choice. You can source and register online at –