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CreatorsVault.com is an online IP Registry for Copyright Protection with “Better Value & More Options” that provides Writers and Creators copyright protection of their written materials and other Intellectual Properties prior to pitching in the Film, TV or Publishing markets. These Creative Works may be Movie Ideas, Screenplays, TV Show Ideas, or Books that always begin with a great idea an idea that is developed and placed in a tangible medium that can be copyright registered and protected. Your registration can be used as evidence in a legal proceeding.

Writers and Creators can register properties for protective archival at Creators Vault – Registration with term options of 16 years, 10 years, or 4 years for a cost of about 1 Penny per day. Additional features include options to register New Drafts of an original project and Renewal of projects about to expire at Discounted Rates. Protect your projects before exposing in the marketplace.


Third-party, Time-Archived date of creation for your written and creative work.
Secure electronic archival in a highly protected database for 16, 10 or 4 years.
CreatorsVault.com archival E-Certificate with registration number provided as a reference.
Personal Login for your “My Archive“ record.
Access to your “My Archive” CV Numbers, Date/Time Stamps. Ability to Add New Project Submissions, Discounted New Drafts and Discounted Renewals.

FEATURE TOPIC … The Copyright Difference


CreatorsVault.com, WGA and U.S. Copyright all provide registrations that can be used as evidence in a legal process should a case of copyright infringement occur. CreatorsVault.com was established in 2006 with the principal objective of providing an easy and efficient online IP Registry for Copyright Protection of writers and creatives projects. We developed a range of options that differentiate CreatorsVault.com from other providers.

Let’s Highlight the Major Differences – CreatorsVault.com provides;

1. Choice of Term Length: Option to Choose Term of 16 years, 10 years, or 4 years at competitive rates that average only 1 cent per day.

2. New Drafts: Option to submit New Drafts of an original project anytime during the term of the original at a substantial Discount.

3. Renewal Extensions: Option to Extend/Renew an original project as it approaches expiration at a substantial Discount.

4. Cross Promotion & Sponsorship: It is very important that we help motivate writers and creatives to continue their efforts in the future by cross-promotion and sponsorship with appropriate organizations, film festivals, and competitions that share this goal. As a reference see https://www.creatorsvault.com/resources/

At CreatorsVault.com we believe in the protection of authorship, and work to promote the integrity of the marketing process within the entertainment, publishing and other industries. Writers and creators may submit registration for written materials, designs, and other forms. Registrants will receive a CV Certificate as confirmation along with an individual Login to their personal MyArchive.

We offer Better Value and More Options overall. IP Registrations for Copyright Protection can be submitted at https://www.creatorsvault.com/registration/ to “Protect Before You Pitch” or expose your project in the marketplace.