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CreatorsVault.com is an online IP Registry for Copyright Protection with “Better Value & More Options” that provides Writers and Creators copyright protection of their written materials and other Intellectual Properties prior to pitching in the Film, TV or Publishing markets. These Creative Works may be Movie Ideas, Screenplays, TV Show Ideas, or Books that always begin with a great idea an idea that is developed and placed in a tangible medium that can be copyright registered and protected. Your registration can be used as evidence in a legal proceeding.

Writers and Creators can register properties for protective archival at Creators Vault – Registration with term options of 16 years, 10 years, or 4 years for a cost of about 1 Penny per day. Additional features include options to register New Drafts of an original project and Renewal of projects about to expire at Discounted Rates. Protect your projects before exposing in the marketplace.

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Third-party, Time-Archived date of creation for your written and creative work.
Secure electronic archival in a highly protected database for 16, 10 or 4 years.
CreatorsVault.com archival E-Certificate with registration number provided as a reference.
Personal Login for your “My Archive“ record.
Access to your “My Archive” CV Numbers, Date/Time Stamps. Ability to Add New Project Submissions, Discounted New Drafts and Discounted Renewals.

Better Value … What’s New ?


CreatorsVault.com has provided online IP Registry for Copyright Protection since 2006 including Rate Choice Options, Term Choices Options, Discounted New Drafts & Renewal Options, Cross Promotion & Sponsorships and much more.

To continue overall improvements, we want to address the Better Value topic in a meaningful way. The standard rate elements for 2024 will continue to be –

  • Term Options            16 Yrs.        10 Yrs.        4 Yrs.     
  • Rate Options               $36              $30             $16


New Sponsorship & Cross Promotions are in effect for specified organizations as a means to create benefits for writing competition participants. These include Big Discounts (up to 50%) for writer’s project protection, and Free Copyright for Competition Winners (any project for a specified time period). The Big Discount applies Only for New Projects. New Drafts & Renewals are excluded since they are already discounted ($10 and $12 respectively).

These Sponsorships provide benefits before-the-fact and after-the-fact for participating writers and organizations. CreatorsVault.com is always open to discussing a customized Sponsorship Program with appropriate organizations.

We appreciate past and future client’s participation, as CreatorsVault.com continues to expand and improve.

New Clients can register via https://www.creatorsvault.com/registration and Current Client’s via your personal MyArchive login.