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Table Read My Screenplay Competition connects independent writers, filmmakers and authors with our industry’s top TV/Film executives across all media outlets now scouting original TV concepts, screenplays, movie pitches, TV pilot scripts, web-series and books-to-film for development and production. Get proof-of-review as executives and producers use our “mandate match” system connecting producers with projects possessing the most ideal elements of story and content. We welcome submissions of original projects for review and consideration by our industry members scouting. Our scouting platform is unified by many of the TV/Film industry’s top studios and production companies sourcing original projects for film, TV and digital entertainment, such as: Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox Television Studios, Paramount Digital Entertainment, UTA, CAA, Lionsgate, National Geographic Digital Media, Phoenix Pictures, Evolution Entertainment, CBS Studios International, Echo Lake Entertainment and hundreds of other film and television companies. A great marketing resource …


ISA International Screenwriters Association is a dedicated one-stop shop for all creative needs of screenwriters around the globe. The ISA web portal includes a wealth of information from writing Gigs and classes, to podcasts and production resources, to pro industry tips. The Development Slate provides a bridge for screenwriters to share their work and executives to view potential projects. Screenwriting Competitions provide screenwriters a means to market their creative projects. The ISA works to encourage, inspire and educate screenwriters to help push their careers forward.


NYISA New York International Screenplay Awards is one of the most prestigious international screenplay competitions for screenwriters who aspire to connect with US industry workers and explore the US markets! NYISA’s valued jury members are not just the readers! They are industry professionals such as Producers, Script Doctors, Directors, Actors, and Screenwriters. NYISA has been run by MAE Media House, one of the most prestigious creative consulting companies in New York. NYISA offers the workshops “How to Write an Award-winning Screenplay” and “Advanced Screenwriting Development Programs” for development, and the NYISA Screenplay Competition to market screenwriter projects. Feedback and Script Analysis Services are also available.


ES Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition is looking for ALL emerging screenwriters! Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned writer ready to redefine your career, we can elevate you to the next level. We are searching for the most authentic and unique features and pilots in all genre categories. We want to read your best creative work that represents your genuine talent! The TOP 10 will receive $1,500 cash and be considered for acceptance onto the ISA Development Slate where the Development Team will get your script in front of top industry companies, plus vetted literary agents and managers. Of the Top 10, a Grand Prize Winner will be selected and receive an additional $10,000. An excellent means to enhance market exposure for your project.


TRMS Table Read My Screenplay is an Unparalleled Table Read Experience with a professional table read during the Sundance Film Festival. The Grand Prize Winner will gain insight into their script from a working director and trained actors as it is rehearsed and performed, then showcased for a live audience. Past winners have been staffed, premiered at Cannes and been nominated for an Oscar among other successes.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive$1,000 cash, a trip to Park City, Sundance film tickets and consideration for the ISA Development Slate. Writers on the Slate are championed by the development team to producers, literary representatives and other industry executives from companies like CAA, Gidden Media, MGM, ICM, and more. An excellent means to enhance market exposure for your project.


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