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FilmFreeway is a proud partner with FilmFreeway makes it easy to discover and submit to thousands of film festivals and screenplay contests all around the world. Best of all, FilmFreeway is always 100% free for filmmakers and writers (no membership fee). provides a 30% Introductory Discount benefit via FilmFreeway for initial intellectual property registration on their benefits page when using the promo code. Source at  The International Screenwriters Association (ISA) is dedicated to providing a one-stop shop for all creative needs of screenwriters around the globe. The ISA’s web portal includes a wealth of information from writing gigs and classes, to podcasts and production resources, to pro industry tips and tricks, while the ever-expanding Development Slate provides a bridge for screenwriters to share their work and executives to view potential projects. With live events held in over a dozen cities around the globe, the ISA works to encourage, inspire and educate screenwriters and help push their careers forward. Source at

The Finish Line Script Competition – This competition is unique in that it offers the writer an opportunity to be a part of their own script development process. If the writer chooses they can receive 6+ pages of notes and work with a dedicated script consultant. Because the writer is already entered in the competition and if they are still working on rewriting and improving their script…All new drafts can be submitted for FREE. If the original submission was protected via CreatorsVault, the New Drafts can be protected Free ! FLSC offers 32 Film & TV mentors who will take Winners through the development process in real life. Other participants will have a better script than when they started! FLSC are ex-literary managers who care about the writer – and we can help you improve while you’re in the race to win! Source at

NYISA New York International Screenplay Awards has been founded to bring together screenwriters (amateur or professional) from all around the world who aspire to connect with US producers and explore new markets. All through the years, NYISA has received submissions from more than twenty countries, and the winners have had the chance to promote themselves and their scripts to producers in the US. NYISAs jury members are mostly New York Producers, Script Doctors and Filmmakers; so from the first moment they submit, their scripts are being read by industry professionals. NYISA also provides a workshop “How To Write An Award-Winning Screenplay”, Script Doctoring Services and Screenwriting Courses to everyone who wants to improve their writing skills or scripts. Source at

Scriptapalooza Screenplay & Shorts Competition – “Discovering and Promoting Writers since 1998″… From choosing our judges to creating opportunities, our top priority has always been the Writer. We surround ourselves with reputable and successful companies, including the many producers, literary agents and managers who read your scripts. Our past Winners have won Emmy’s, been signed by agents and managers, had theirs scripts optioned, and even made into movies. But the most important prize of all is this: Scriptapalooza will promote, pitch and push the semi-finalists and higher for a full year. No other competition in the world does that! Source at