FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is Copyright ?

A copyright registration provides protection for original works of authorship, fixed in a tangible medium of expression; including literary, musical and dramatic works, photographs, art, software, design and other forms of intellectual works. Copyright protection begins as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium. The author or creator should begin using a copyright © symbol immediately as a means of informing others that he/she intends to exercise control over the production, distribution, display or performance of the work. Having copyright protection will make it easier to seek court enforcement of your copyright should an infringement occur. Copyright registrations can be accomplished via Creators Vault, WGA, US Library of Congress or other agencies.

Why Should I Have Third-Party Proof Of Creation For My Creative Works ?

When marketing your creative projects (sharing, pitching, submitting to production companies, etc.) you need third-party proof that your original work was created by you at a certain date and time before other entities review your creative work. This gives you leverage in a court or arbitration panel should there be evidence in a case of infringement.

What File Types & File Sizes Can Be uploaded To My CV Registrations ?

File Extensions Allowed: .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .zip, .rar, .doc, .txt, .rtf, .crt, .docx, .pfx, .xls, .xlsx, .bak, .sql, .pdf, .csv, p7b, .ini
Max File Size Including Images: 10MB (reduce photos/graphics to lessen file size)

What Are Creators Vault Fees ?

Original Registrations: Cost Options – 16 year term for $36, or 10 year term for $30, or 4 year term for $16 per each registration archival. CV Certificate will be provided. New Drafts of Original Registration: Cost is $10 for Each New Draft Archival. Updated CV Certificate will be provided. Extension/Renewal of Registration: Cost $12 to Extend Term an Additional 4 years. CV Certificate will be provided.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My CV Certificate ?

When payment is made, you will receive a receipt from our merchant provider. We must wait for confirmation that it has cleared. You should expect your CV Certificate and Personal Account Login within 24 hours, depending on the country of origin. This applies for payments via Debit/Credit Card or Paypal Account … payments via e-Check take longer to clear. The Date/Time stamp of your original submission applies regardless of the timeframe to complete archival.

Is Creators Vault Service Only For The United States ?

No, Creators Vault is a global service. All Countries that have signed the Berne Convention are required to protect the copyright of works created in other Berne Convention countries (170 of 192). The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, usually known as the Berne Convention, is an international agreement governing copyright, administered by WIPO (World International Property Organization).

What Happens When My Registration Is About To Expire ?

Prior to the expiration date of your archival term, Creators Vault will send you a reminder email to alert you that your registration is about to expire. You have the option to extend/renew your project archived via your My Archive login. You can extend/renew for an additional 4 year term at a discounted rate.

After My Registration Expires, Then What ?

Once your registration expires, Creators Vault policy allows a 30 Day grace period to extend/renew at the discounted rate. Beyond that, a New Registration at regular rate would be required. Over time, registrations remaining in the CV Record over 1 year beyond expiration date could be deleted.

How Will Proof Of Creation Be Provided For My Creative Works ?

Upon archival of your registered material at CreatorsVault.com, you will receive electronic notice with copy of your CV Certificate as reference. You may place the CV# and/or copyright © symbol on your registered material notifying all parties that your work is protected with a date/time stamp in the Creators Vault database archive.

How Secure Is My Archived Work & Where Is It Held ?

Your creative work will be held in digital format in a highly-secured database server at a remote site for CreatorsVault.com. The database is supported by secure servers at our hosting company. Details of the datacenter are: 24/7 on-site staff, dual redundant firewalls, raised floors, fire suppression and early warning systems, video surveillance, key-card only access, and proactive network monitoring on all equipment.

Will CV Release My Work For Editing Or Revising ?

No, once your registration material is archived it will not be released for editing or revising. The purpose is to maintain maximum security for our clients. If we released your work for editing or revising, it could compromise the integrity of our service and negate the admissibility as evidence in any legal dispute or arbitration process to establish the date/time of creation the work in question. Only upon written request from your legal representative, arbitration panel or court will a copy of your material be released from the CV database with the original registration record.

How Can I Edit Or Revise My Original Creative Work ?

After your original material is registered and archived, we will provide your personal Account Access Login for your My Archive. You can use your My Archive to submit edited/revised New Drafts of the original at a discounted rate until the registration term expires. The New Draft process incorporates uploading the edited/revised version to the registration form. Once payment has cleared, Creators Vault will forward a new CV Certificate for your safekeeping and reference.

How Do I Display This Protection When Marketing My Work ?

Upon completion of your registration archival, we will provide a CV Certificate that includes your CV# (example: CV16100). You should place the CV# on your title page, and/or use the copyright © symbol, before exposing your creative work to others. If preferred, you could also place an additional disclaimer, such as, “this work is copyright protected, and is the property of (your name), and use without authorization is strictly prohibited.”

When Will Creators Vault Provide Evidence Of Work Archived For My Protection ?

Only upon formal written request by your legal representative, arbitration panel, or court order under a legal dispute will your registration material be released from the database with the original registration record.

How Can I Request A Copy Of My Submitted Material ?

Based on the CV Terms of Service that are agreed to, you are reminded to keep an original for your reference and record. Creators Vault allows access to your My Archive via personal Login, which summarizes your registration elements, but does not allow access to the archived material that was uploaded. Creators Vault will not release the creative material archived unless a direct request is made by your legal representative, arbitration panel, or court order under a case of infringement. The legal representative must provide proof of representation. All requests may be submitted to contact@creatorsvault.com

How Does Creators Vault Differ From WGA (Writers Guild of America) Registration ?

The WGA is the governing union and guild for professional writers, and offers registration for members and non-members at different rates. WGA membership is very expensive (members pay thousands, associate members pay hundreds). Their registration rates are subsidized by member dues, and requires ID with registration such as SS Number, Drivers License Number, or other – not a safe practice. WGA has no provisions for New Drafts and Renewals are at full rate.

Creators Vault provides certification and archival of your work under similar protective guidelines, but offers a more responsive customer service and a wider array of options. Protection time period options are 16 years, 10 years or 4 years. New Drafts and Renewals are available at discounted rates. Creators Vault records your IP address as identification. Creators Vault is a Better Value with More Options overall.

What Additional Measures Of Protection Are Advised When Marketing My Creative Work ?

The first caution when pitching the entertainment or publishing industry is to avoid blind mass mailings that are unsolicited by production companies, producers, agents, publishers or other entities. Although infringement of intellectual properties is rare, sending out unsolicited submissions brings unnecessary risk of exposure that the recipient has no responsibility or obligation for (example: non-disclosure form). Please refer to our expanded articles on the subject here.

Are There Marketing Services That Can Provide Documented/Monitored Reviews For The Television And Entertainment Industries ?

Yes, marketing and scouting services are offered by the TV Writers Vault, providing monitored and documented reviews of registered materials. They carefully screen their Executive Members. Should you receive Requests for Contact by entertainment industry executives, prior to engaging in a negotiation, we recommend seeking the advice of a lawyer.

What Other Marketing Methods Are Recommended ?

Creators Vault is a supporter of the many Writers Contests available, and encourages participation as much as possible. There are individual contests and contests that are part of film festivals. Participation will enhance and expand the marketing of your creative works, and should be considered to increase the possibilities for success. Writers Competitions provide benefits of FEEDBACK – DEVELOPMENT – INDUSTRY RECOGNITION.

How to Use MyArchive ?

Once you complete your initial Registration, all future New Projects, New Drafts, or Renewals are accomplished via your personal MyArchive. To access, you use the Creators Vault home page, and click the “Login” button at upper right. Enter your user (email address) and password that was provided after Registration.

If you don’t recall your password, enter your email address, then click “Forgot Password”. A password will be sent to your email address.
To submit New Project, New Draft of an original project, or Renew project about to expire; click the appropriate icon and continue.