Protecting Your TV or Film Pitch

Previously, we have noted that is an online Intellectual Property and archival system for Copyright Protection that provides Writers and Creators time-archived third party proof-of-creation and protection for their written materials and other intellectual properties preparing for market. This should be the first step before exposing your work to others. The types of works can include movie screenplays, reality TV, stage plays, documentaries, books or novels; designs, graphics, music lyrics or compositions and much more. To provide answers to many additional questions, you can refer to the Creators Vault FAQ Page link
Here are a few question re-statements to assist your consideration:

Why Should I Have Third-Party Proof of Creation for My Creative Works? It’s true that an idea alone cannot be copyrighted. Copyright provides protection for original works of authorship, fixed in a tangible medium of expression including literary, musical and dramatic works, as well as photographs, audio and visual recordings, software, design and other forms of intellectual works. Copyright protection begins as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium. At this point, using the copyright © symbol is recommended.

When marketing your creative projects (sharing, pitching, submitting your materials to creative or production entities, etc.) you need third-party proof that your original work was, in fact, created by you at a certain date and time prior to any other entity having reviewed your creative work. This gives you leverage in a court of law, or with an arbitration panel should there be evidence in a case of infringement.

How Long Does It Take to Receive My CV Certificate? After IP Registration and Copyright Registration and payment is made you will receive a receipt from our merchant provider. You should expect your CV Certificate within 24 hours depending on the country of origin. In most cases, it is accomplished in less than 24 hours. The date/time stamp of your registration occurs at the time you submit the project registration, regardless of the 24 hour timeframe to complete archival.

Is Creators Vault Archival Service Only for The United States? No, Creators Vault is a global service. All countries that have signed the Berne Convention are required to protect the copyright of works created in other Berne Convention countries (170).

Will You Release My Work for Editing or Revising? No, not the original submission. The purpose is to maintain maximum protection for your work. By releasing you work for editing or revising, it compromises the integrity of our service and negates the admissibility of your work as evidence in any legal dispute or arbitration process needing to establish the likely date of creation of the work in question. Only upon formal written request by your legal representative, arbitration panel, or court order will a copy of your material be released from the CV database with original registration record. However, a New Draft of the original work can be used to update the project.

We hope these question clarifications are helpful. Thank you for considering for your IP Registration and Copyright Protection service. If you have additional questions, please send us an email to