Writer’s Path To Success

Create a project that you have a passion for or a keen interest in that incorporates a hook for the intended audience. The basis should be unique. Both novice and professional writers can create projects for Reality TV, Movies/Films, Books/Novels, Stage Plays, Music Lyrics, and many other categories. Creative persistence is highly recommended…don’t expect one project to yield success. Continue creating ideas, concepts and projects to take you to the success you want to achieve.
Copyright Protection is paramount before exposing your project to the marketplace. CreatorsVault.com provides the third party copyright registration needed as the legal foundation in the event an infringement case occurs. The system offers term options of 4 – 8 – 12 years, with options to add New Drafts of the original, and/or to Extend/Renew copyright prior to expiration. CreatorsVault.com protection is global (170+ countries that participate in the Berne Convention). For further details, you can access the Creators Vault FAQ Page http://www.creatorsvault.com/FAQ.aspx
Marketing your project is the means to connect with industry executives and decision-makers that can move your project to the next level. We can recommend www.tvwritersvault.com to connect with more than 300 entertainment industry executives, producers, networks, agencies and studios. Additionally, www.iPitch.tv is the film, television, and new media industry marketplace online where top industry buyers scout video pitches from filmmakers and creators in all genres of film, TV and new media. To enhance the exposure for your project, Contests and Film Festivals can benefit your marketing efforts.
Success comes in many forms. It may begin simply with the self-satisfaction you receive by completing your project. But, it moves forward when an industry entity reviews your project, requests personal contact, and possibly offers an option deal to develop it further. If an option deal is actuated, they will initiate the development process over a period of time in order to sell it to a network, cable channel, publisher, or other organization. Should this become reality, your negotiated participation would yield recognition in the form of credit and/or financial remunerations. Congratulations!