After Copyright, What’s Next?

After you complete Creators Vault Copyright Registration, the natural perspective is to look forward to marketing your project. But, it is also important to be aware of the interim elements that are at your disposal as you move forward:
  • Project “New Drafts”– After your original material is registered and archived, CV will provide an individual access to your MY ARCHIVE through your own personal Login. You can use your MY ARCHIVE to submit edited/revised New Drafts of the original for $10 discount rate. The New Draft process incorporates uploading the edited/revised version to the registration form. Once payment has cleared we will create a new CV number and forward a new CV Certificate for your safekeeping and reference.
  • Project “Extension/Renewal”– Prior to the expiration date of your archival term, Creators Vault will send you a reminder email to alert that your registration is about to expire (usually within 30 days of expiration date). You have the option to Extend/Renew your project archival through your MY ARCHIVE which requires login. You can extend/renew your copyright protection for $10 discount rate. We will send you a copy of the CV Certificate when this is completed as confirmation.
Marketing Your Project- As a first precaution be careful regarding blind, mass-mailed, or unsolicited submissions to production companies, independent producers, agents, publishers or other entities. Although infringement of intellectual properties is rare, sending out unsolicited submissions brings unnecessary risk of exposure that the recipient has no responsibility or obligation for. Make sure you have secured Copyright Protection. In addition to your own efforts, we highly recommend the following marketing service for your consideration:
  • An online marketing and scouting service offering monitored and documented reviews of registered materials to more than 300 carefully screened executives from the entertainment industry. Posted materials are primarily in a variety of written formats. Should you receive requests for contact by industry executives, before you engage in a negotiation, we recommend seeking legal advice.
We wish you all the best of success,