Creators Vault Copyright = Better Value & More Options

For writers and creators of intellectual properties, Copyright Protection provides a legal foundation should an infringement case occur. Having copyright protection will make it easier to seek court enforcement of your copyright should an infringement occur, and gives you leverage with the court or arbitration panel process.
Why does the Creators Vault Copyright = Better Value & More Options?
  • Rate Ranges – 4 years for $18; 8 years for $28; 12 years for $38
  • New Drafts – Unlimited New Drafts of the original for $10 each
  • Renewals/Extensions – When Copyright Expiration is approaching, an email reminder will be provided, and option to renew/extend is available for a Discounted Rate of $10
  • Personal “MyArchive” – With CV Copyright, you are provided a Personal Login to access your projects secured in the data base archive. The MyArchive is the point from which future New Projects, New Drafts, and Renewal/Extensions are generated.
  • Specific Questions – More details and information are available via;
    1. FAQ Page –
    2. Email Contact –
  • Other Sources – Access Writing Samples and Industry Affiliates via;
  1. Writing Samples –
  2. Affiliate Resources –
All of the above are incorporated within to make us a more complete online Copyright Protection service for over 10 years. Copyright Registrations can be accomplished at
We look forward to serving your Copyright Protection needs.