Why Is Copyright So Important?

For all Writers and Creators it is very important to secure Copyright Protection for your written or other creative works [movie screenplays, reality TV, stage plays, documentaries, books or novels; designs, graphics, music lyrics, etc].
So, why is copyrighting so important? First, and foremost it is your legal right to protect your work. Imagine writing a poem or script, and putting it on your blog or disclosing it to others with no copyright protection. Then a few months later you discover that someone has published your creation under their name, and they receive financial gain for your work. There is virtually nothing you could do versus this infringement because there is no proof of ownership by you. This type of dilemma can be avoided by taking copyright protection action at the earliest possible time. It is so easy and cost-effective!
At www.CreatorsVault.com the electronic copyright archival system provides Writers and Creators time-archived third party proof-of-creation and protection for their written materials and other intellectual properties preparing for market. This should be the first step before exposing your work to others.
You can execute Copyright Registration at this link http://www.creatorsvault.com/Register.aspx
It is simple and easy:
  • Complete the basic information on the Registration Form
  • Select your term of protection (4yrs, 8yrs, or 12yrs)
  • Upload/Attach your document to the Registration Form
  • Agree to Terms
  • Submit Materials to Creators Vault (date/time is set by this submission)
To complete the Copyright Registration process, continue to the Payment Page by clicking the “Buy Now” button. Our merchant provider will process your debit/credit card, or Paypal account if you have one. Since affordability is a key component at www.CreatorsVault.com, we provide cost-effective rates for your benefit.
Upon confirmation from the merchant provider that the payment has been made, Creators Vault will complete the processing of your Copyright Registration into the secure data-base archive. We then forward a copy of your CV Certificate and personal Account Login for your MyArchive.
Going forward your MyArchive is the portal for Submitting New Projects, as well as New Drafts of original projects, or to Extend/Renew projects about to expire ( New Drafts and Extensions are at a discount ). It’s hard to be more cost effective and affordable.
For additional information details, refer to this link to Creators Vault FAQ page http://www.creatorsvault.com/FAQ.aspx or email customer service at contact@creatorsvault.com