After Copyright – Why Screenwriting Contests?

Naturally, once you complete your writing project, your first step is to secure Copyright Protection at
Additionally, marketing venues are available via and to make your projects available for consideration by industry professionals.
At we believe screenplay competitions provide an excellent means of expanding and enhancing the marketing for your project. We encourage your participation in any Screenwriting Contests you choose. Many screenwriting contests are associated with film festivals and can be accessed directly or through
Here is some information to help answer “Why This Is A Benefit”. Screenplay competitions can provide –
You can access a more detailed explanation of the positive reasons for submitting your projects to a screenwriting contest by reviewing information on the CWA website at

“Entering a few key screenplay competitions and festivals each year is one of the most proactive decisions you can make for your career because screenwriting awards offer writers an alternative to get their scripts circulated and in the case of many finalists, it has put their name and project on the map almost overnight.”

At Creators Vault, we encourage writers to participate in Screenwriting Contests to improve your possibilities for success.