It’s a given that the basis of almost all writing projects begin with a Great Idea. Whether your Idea is a screenplay, book/novel, music, or another tangible medium, creation of your project relies on your inherent and developed skills. An important factor will be your intent to continually improve and enhance the skills of your craft. There are so many available resources that relate to Entertainment and Publishing that we want to outline a few for your consideration.

If Formal Education is a means to consider, many Universities and Colleges offer Creative Writing programs. However, being a Better Writer goes far beyond the nuances of punctuation, grammar, and composition. We suggest considering Full Sail University online writing and communications degrees.

In the Entertainment Industry, there are a myriad of sources available via education, blogs, and websites that offer tips, suggestions and guidance to assist improvement of your writing and creative skills. A good example to consider is for consultation, e-books, e-courses and more.

An extremely good way to enhance the exposure and marketing of your creative work is to participate in Writing Contests. You can access hundreds of Film Festivals and Writing Contests via (Membership is FREE). To illustrate some of the more notable Screenwriting Contests, consider the following:• Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting
• Austin Screenwriting Competition
• Bluecat Screenplay Competition
• Page International Screenplay Awards
• Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition
• Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest
• Slamdance Screenplay Competition
• Sundance Screenwriters Lab
• TrackingB Feature Script Contest
• Tracking Board Launch Pad Competition
• CWA Creative World Awards Contest
• Finish Line Script Competition


You are encouraged to participate in as many Writers Contests as feasible to keep improving your creative skills and to enhance exposure of your projects to the Entertainment Industry. More = Better

There is a great article at by Scott Manville on “pitching a screenplay the smart way.” This keys on the importance of a tightly written synopsis.

For the Publishing Industry, there are many sources as well. A good suggestion to consider is a blog by Joe Bunting at Reading More = Better Writing

Important: Before exposing your creative works to others, always protect your projects by IP Registration for Copyright. You can accomplish this easily online at This IP Registration can be used as evidence in a legal dispute for infringement. Be Pro-Active…
Intellectual Property Registry

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