For this question to be answered adequately, it’s important to define a couple of key elements:

1 ) What Is Copyright ?
A copyright intellectual property registration provides protection for original works of authorship, fixed in a tangible medium of expression; including literary, musical and dramatic works, photographs, art, software, design and other forms of intellectual works. Copyright protection begins as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium. The author or creator can begin using a copyright © symbol immediately as a means of informing others that he/she intends to exercise control over the production, distribution, display or performance of the work.

2 ) Why Should I Have Third-Party Proof Of Creation For My Creative Works ?
Before exposing your creative projects (sharing, pitching, submitting to production companies, etc.) you need third-party proof that your original work was created by you at a certain date and time before other entities review your creative work. Having copyright IP protection will make it easier to seek court enforcement of your copyright should an infringement occur. Copyright intellectual property registrations can be accomplished via Creators Vault, WGA, US Library of Congress or other agencies. This gives you leverage in a court or arbitration panel should there be evidence in a case of infringement.

Using the above important elements as a basis, incorporating both provides sound legal validity to protect your Intellectual Property.

There are many opinions about which registration mechanism is needed to establish legal standing in court to enforce protection of your intellectual property. Some say that only copyright IP registration with US Library of Congress would suffice, and other organizations profess using the WGA union registration. But, the reality and truth is that any reputable third-party agency that incorporates the 2 key elements noted above are valid protection evidence sources. Intellectual Property Registry provides everything required, and offers Better Value & More Options while maximizing security protections for your archived materials.

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