is an Online Intellectual Property (IP) Registry and archival system providing Writers and Creators third party time-dated proof-of-creation for copyright protection of their written materials and other intellectual properties preparing for market. This should be the first step before exposing your work to others.

The following are the three key steps to success:

  1. The Creative Process Begins with a Great Idea that is transformed into a tangible medium, such as, a script, treatment, book/novel, music lyrics or composition, etc. Use all of your creative skills with additional learned techniques to make your project stand out !
  2. Execute Intellectual Property Registration for Copyright Protection at
  • Complete the basic information on the Registration Form
  • Select your Term of Protection (16yrs., 10yrs., 4yrs.)
  • Upload/Attach your document to the Registration Form
  • Agree to Terms
  • Enter Promo/Discount Code (if applicable)
  • Submit Registration Materials to Creators Vault (date/time is set by this submission)
  • To Complete the Process, proceed to the Payment Step (use either credit/debit card or Paypal Account if you have one)
  • Once Payment Confirmation is received, Creators Vault will complete the processing into the secure database archive. We will forward your CV Certificate and personal Account Login.
  • Use your Personal Login to your MyArchive for future new projects, new drafts of original projects, or renewal/extensions.
  • Place the copyright symbol © , and/or CV number on your project prior to marketing.
  1. Proceed to Market Your Project Creation by utilizing online resources such as, or You can supplement marketing by submitting to the many Writers Contests available to enhance and increase exposure. We currently support and sponsor CWA Creative World Awards, Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship, Finish Line Script Competition, Filmmatic Screenplay Awards, and more to come.

If you are persistent and never give up, continue to improve your writing skills, and keep a positive perspective … we are confident success will come your way.

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