Helping screenwriters improve their writing and find pitching opportunities is one of our passions at the Creators Vault. Check out some of the great resources we’ve curated to help improve your writing as well as protecting screenplays, movie ideas, scripts, or any intellectual property. has always encouraged screenwriters to participate in Screenwriting Competitions to enhance the marketing exposure for their projects. Our most recent Support and Sponsorship association is for The Finish Line Script Competition 2018 (their 4th year). Their process includes a very unique approach noted in the program description, as follows;

“This competition is unique because it offers the screenwriter an opportunity to participate in their own script development process. If the screenwriter chooses, they can receive 6+ pages of notes plus work with a dedicated script consultant. Since the screenwriter is already entered in the competition, they can continue to rewrite and improve their script. In addition, any rewrites/new drafts can be submitted FREE via Creators Vault IP Registration (provided the original script was registered with Creators Vault). FLSC offers 32 Film & TV mentors that will take Winners through the development process in real life, and other participates will have a better script than when they started. FLSC are ex-literary managers who care about the writer and we can help you improve while you are in the race to win! “ Source at Another viable Help Source is offered by in a focused blog by Ken Miyamoto.

“The Secret to Standing Out as a Screenwriter”, February 6, 2018
Source at

Here are highlights of the key points –

  • It’s Not Just About Great Concepts
  • It’s Not Just About Great Writing
  • It’s Not Just About Great Networking
  • It’s Not Just About Having a Great Manager or Great Agent
  • The Secret? Writing Stories That Can Only Be Told By You (Your Own Life Stories, Your Relative’s Stories, Your Environment Stories, Your Experience Stories). It’s All About Legitimizing the Script.

The above are just two examples of “Screenwriters Resources to Improve Writing and to Find Pitch Opportunities.” (Source at has supported and encouraged writers since 2006, and we plan to continue and expand our efforts in the Entertainment and Publishing communities.
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