What Does That Mean ?

CreatorsVault.com has provided online IP Registry for Copyright since 2006. We have posted the major differences from WGA and U. S. Copyright that include Rate Choices, Term Choices, Discounted New Drafts & Renewal Options, Introductory Discount, Cross Promotion & Sponsorships and more.

Because we always want to pursue overall improvements, we are addressing the Better Value topic in a meaningful way. The specific elements that are being updated are for New Project Registrations as follows;

            v Expanded Term Options            4 Yrs.        10 Yrs.        16 Yrs.     

            v Lower Rate Options                    $16           $30              $36

                   New Drafts  $10 ea. anytime during duration of term

                   Renewals $12 for a 4 Yr. extension

                  These New Terms and Rates options will be effective for all New Project Copyright Registrations on 

                  January 15, 2023. All previous registrations will retain theiroriginal rates and term.

We appreciate past and future client’s participation, and trust that New Projects in 2023 will benefit by our New Term & New Rate structure.

Let’s start the New Year on a positive note !

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