2024 Feature Topic 


Better Value … What’s New ?


CreatorsVault.com has provided online IP Registry for Copyright Protection since 2006 including Rate Choice Options, Term Choices Options, Discounted New Drafts & Renewal Options, Cross Promotion & Sponsorships and much more.

To continue overall improvements, we want to address the Better Value topic in a meaningful way. The standard rate elements for 2024 will continue to be –

  • Term Options            16 Yrs.        10 Yrs.        4 Yrs.     
  • Rate Options               $36              $30             $16

New Sponsorship & Cross Promotions are in effect for specified organizations as a means to create benefits for writing competition participants. These options include Big Discounts (up to 50%) for writer’s project protection, and Free Copyright for Competition Winners (any project for a specified time period). The Big Discount applies Only for New Projects. New Drafts & Renewals are excluded since they are already discounted ($10 and $12 respectively).

These Sponsorships provide benefits before-the-fact and after-the-fact for participating writers and organizations. CreatorsVault.com is always open to discussing a customized Sponsorship Program with appropriate organizations.

We appreciate past and future client’s participation, as CreatorsVault.com continues to expand and improve.

New Clients can register via https://www.creatorsvault.com/registration and Current Client’s via your personal MyArchive login.