The reality regarding Copyright Protection cost is that “It May Be Too Affordable”!

At the average cost range for Copyright Registration and Archival of your creative projects in film, television and publishing is approximately 30 cents per month with term choices of 12 yrs – 8 yrs – 4 yrs. What else can you get for …

1 Cent Per Day

The moral to this cost efficiency fact absolutely indicates “Every Creative should register their projects for Copyright Protection… no excuses!” Registration can be accomplished via For a step-by-step procedure refer to our webpage “How To Protect” at


Yes, creatives have several copyright provider choices; Creators Vault – U.S. Copyright – WGA and others.                 

We are extremely confident that provides BETTER VALUE & MORE OPTIONS overall.

You can reference our Copyright Comparisons webpage for details which rate the key copyright providers at This page also contains a link to an Important Topic article “How To Choose The Best Copyright Provider” at It details comparisons of 5 Basic Elements + 6 Other Important Factors, and concludes that is the Best Choice overall. These detailed comparisons provide the factors to make a more informed and intelligent choice…You Decide !

Copyright Protection is like gold…Very Valuable
Copyright Registration is Ultra Affordable

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