has reiterated many times previously that “one of the best ways to market your screenwriting projects is to participate in Screenwriting
Competitions.” This is especially true for screenwriters that have yet to establish themselves. For this reason, sponsors and supports
a number of competitions to help provide a channel for screenwriters to succeed. In 2019, we provide sponsorship prize awards and marketing support for the following fine organizations that can be sourced via our website Resources Page at

  • Creative World Awards (CWA) is an international screenwriting contest known for having the writer’s interest at heart when
    it comes to development and industry promotion.
  • Finish Line Script Competition (FLSC) is unique in that it offers the writer an opportunity to be a part of their own script development process.
    If the writer chooses, they can receive 6+ pages of notes and work with a dedicated script consultant. Because the writer is already entered in the
    competition and if they are still working on rewriting and improving their script…all new drafts can be submitted for FREE.
  • New York International Screenplay Awards (NYISA) has been founded to bring together screenwriters (amateur or professional) from all around the world who aspire to connect with US producers and explore new markets.
  • Scriptapalooza Screenplay & Shorts Competition has been Discovering and Promoting Writers since 1998″… Scriptapalooza will promote, pitch and push the semi-finalists, finalists and winners for a full year. No other competition in the world does that!

The above have additional exposure through our active affiliate organizations; – –

So, What is Success?

As stated before, Success can be defined in many ways; simply completing your screenwriting project, being recognized in a screenplay competition, connecting with an agent/manager, having your project optioned, or ultimately completing a sale of your screenwriting project.

The following twitter post on April 28th by Destiny Eve, with a thread of responses from the Writing Community, encompasses the right perspective;

 “I’m a successful writer. I haven’t made a dime from my writing (yet). But I’m successful because I’ve accomplished goal’s I thought were impossible.

I’ve battled self-doubt, and I’ve faced my biggest fear of sharing my words. What does your success look like?”

It’s different for everyone…we suggest being persistent, continue improving your craft, never giving up, and staying positive will help you achieve the success level you hope for. Best of Success to All !

Remember; “Protect your Scripts via Copyright Registration before exposing them in the marketplace”

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