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According to an article at, it states that great directors, producers and actors don’t like to admit that “screenwriters power the entertainment and film industry”. As the title indicates, screenwriter’s success comes from an equal blend of Writing Creativity and Marketing. Both are important…


Writing Creativity

Your screenwriting project most often begins with a great idea. Moving that idea forward into a great script for a film involves several important elements;


  • Create an Interesting Story Plot that communicates a Call To Action for the viewer. Try to incorporate a Hook (“What If”) in your story plot.
  • Utilize Main Characters that are relatable and trigger the interest, emotion or passion of the viewer.
  • Format and Structure should follow the norms within the industry. Script Formats involve number of pages, fonts style (Courier 12) and layout and are available from industry resources like Make sure your Script Structure flows logically, even when obstacles or challenges are present.
  • Work within a Genre that is identifiable. Examples of current successful genre are action/adventure, romantic/comedy and true stories.
  • Remember that Film is a Visual Medium. Write your screenplay Visually; what the viewer will See and Hear. Leave the rest to the filmmaker.


  • Write about a subject you are passionate about, have a keen interest in, or is a true-life story. When you love what you are writing about, it places a higher value on the subject.
  • Keep it Simple… Act 1 – The characters get into gear. Act 2 – The characters explore but fail to reach their goals.   Act 3 – The characters recover and develop as people as they struggle to reach their ultimate resolution.
  • Create an Emotionally Powerful Title. This is like wrapping a gift…making the viewer want to open it.


“Protect Before You Pitch”

Use Intellectual Property Registry. Never share your project draft with others before it is Registered for Copyright Protection. This will serve as evidence with a court or arbitration panel should an infringement case occur.



Being a successful screenwriter takes dedication to both writing and connecting. Once you are ready to market your script, you can use resources like, The Blacklist, Coverfly, Ink Tip and others to get your script in front of industry professional. Additionally, many Screenwriting Competitions and Film Festivals can be accessed through – membership is FREE. Due to affiliation with FilmFreeway, a 33% discount is available for IP Registration and Copyright Protection via the FilmFreeway Benefits Page.


For your reference, provides a list of recommended screenwriting competitions for 2018 We highly recommend participating in as many screenwriting competitions as possible to enhance and expand the market awareness of your project. currently promotes, supports and sponsors CWA Creative World Awards, Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship, Filmmatic Screenplay Awards, and Finish Line Script Competition. We plan to continue and expand our support to benefit screenwriters. Check our Resources Page at


We understand that the process can seem daunting at the beginning. Incorporating your writing talents with good use of resources to elevate your writing skills plus available marketing resources can create your path to success. Keep your perspective simple!

Intellectual Property Registry

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