has previously provided the basic outline sequence for screenwriters to follow in order to be successful; CREATING – PROTECTING – MARKETING. The following reminders describe each of these in further detail:

CreatingAlmost all projects begin with a Great Idea. If you write about something you have a passion for, or keen interest in, that passion will shine through as a result. Try to insure the story has a hook for the intended audience and incorporates a unique approach. Projects that are based on “true stories or real-life experience” or specific genres can be successful. Both new and established writers create successful projects for Entertainment and Publishing (TV, Film, Stage, Music, Books, and other categories). An important element is to continually seek to improve your creative skills through education and many available resources. Creative persistence is important – keep creating projects to gain experience.

Protecting – It is crucial that you secure IP Registration for Copyright Protection before exposing your project to the marketplace. provides IP Registration online offering term options of 16 yrs – 10 yrs – 4 yrs at better value rates, as well as options for New Drafts and Renewals of original projects at discounted rates. New Client Registrations can be accomplished via the following link and  Existing Clients login to access their personal MyArchive to process New Projects, New Drafts, or Renewals. More information can be accessed via the Creators Vault FAQ link   Creators Vault is global in accordance with the Berne Convention (172 countries). It is beneficial to compare these “Better Value & More Options” characteristics with other Registration providers like WGA, US Copyright Office, and intermediaries like LegalZoom and Screencraft (which are higher cost).

Marketing – Once your creative project is protected, you can then pursue a myriad of marketing methods. These can include industry networking, online marketing resources, and participating in various screenwriting competitions to provide connections with industry executives and decision-makers that can move your project to the next level. We can recommend –

  • is an online marketing resources with more than 300 entertainment industry executives, production companies, networks, agencies and studios that utilize this resource to locate new projects. Source via 
  • Screenwriting Competitions are one of the best ways to enhance and expand the marketing for your projects. The key benefits are; FEEDBACK – DEVELOPMENT – INDUSTRY RECOGNITION & CONTACTS. You can refer to a list of screenplay competitions to consider that Creators Vault currently supports and sponsors via the Creators Vault Resources page at this link

Success comes in many forms. It can range from self-satisfaction of simply completing your project, to being selected by industry professionals to discuss interest in your project, to being a winner of a screenwriting competition, to actually having your project developed in production, and for your project being sold to a network, cable channel or film company. Congratulations !

Continue creating projects to take you to the success you want to achieve. Be persistent and never give up !

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