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You can refer to another article via Creators Vault “Topics of Interest” page at https://www.creatorsvault.com/why-screenwriting-contests/


Since 2006, CreatorsVault.com has continually stressed that Participation in Screenwriting Contests are one of the best ways to expand and enhance marketing for your creative projects. CWA Creative World Awards stated the following quote; “Entering key screenplay competitions and festivals each year is one of the most proactive decisions you can make for your career because screenwriting awards offer an alternative to get their scripts circulated, and in the case of many finalists it puts their name and project on the map, almost overnight.”

Since we are in the midst of the 2023 Screenwriter Awards Competition Season, Creators Vault proudly anticipates providing our prize awards to the winners of the competitions we have supported and sponsored this year – https://www.creatorsvault.com/resources/

NYISAwards – ISA/RMSC – ISA/Genre Competition


What Are Your Plans ? It is never too soon to prepare for the 2019 Screenwriting Competition season, and encourage all screenwriters to plan for participation. Creators Vault plans to continue and grow our support and sponsorships, because one of our key missions is to support and benefit writers.

Refer to our list above and the list of some other key competitions that follow – these are all worth considering. The following list is provided by Stephanie Palmer and includes additional good information https://goodinaroom.com/blog/screenwriting-contests/#script-pipeline-screenwriting-contest


With the above as goals for your future planning, CreatorsVault.com is hopeful screenwriters for film, television and publishing will follow the path for success

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